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The Ethanol REACH Association enables its Members and purchasers of a Letter of Access to jointly submit a consistent and high-quality dossier for ethanol, vinasses and/or fusel oil that meets the requirement of the chemical legislations in the European Union (REACH) and the UK (UK-REACH)

Facilitating registration of ethanol, vinasses and fusel oil

The Ethanol REACH Association (EtOH-REACH) enables manufacturers and importers to jointly submit high-quality dossiers.

Ethanol, vinasses and fusel oil

The Ethanol REACH Association was founded by Abengoa Bioenergy, Bauche Energy, CropEnergies, INEOS, Royal Nedalco and Tereos. The three European ethanol interest associations, eBIO, IEA and UEPA, are also active participants.

26 July 2022
Update of REACH registration dossier ethanol
On 29 June, ECHA accepted the update of REACH registration dossier for the substance Ethanol (EC 200-578-6, CAS 64-17-5) that was submitted by the Lead Registrant.
26 July 2022
General Assembly 2022
The General Assembly of the Ethanol-REACH association will take place on Friday, 18 November 2022.
18 February 2022
UK-REACH initial meeting 27-01-2022
On Thursday, January 27, 2022, the Ethanol REACH Association hosted an online meeting on UK-REACH. The slides presented can be downloaded here.
Upcoming events

EtOH-REACH General Assembly 2022

18 November 22 Schiphol