There are two ways of obtaining the information necessary for the registration of Vinasses under REACH: (1) membership of the Vinasses Consortium under EtOH-REACH and (2) the Letter of Access option.

Membership of the Vinasses consortium is open to all members of EtOH-REACH. Non-members need to apply for (associate) membership of EtOH-REACH when applying for membership of the Vinasses Consortium.

The Vinasses Consortium has registered 5 types of Vinasses in 2010. The substance identity profiles can be found below, as well as the membership application form and Letter of Access order form.

Costs for membership or a Letter of Access are tonnage-dependant:

  • 0-100 tonnes per year: 2301,16 euro
  • 100-1000 tonnes per year: 4698,26 euro
  • More than 1000 tonnes per year: 25659,77 euro

These fees are valid until 31 December 2022.

Please note that for LoA applicants that are not a member of the Ethanol REACH Association there is a surcharge of 750 euro, identical to the requirement of membership of the Association for companies applying for Vinasses Consortium membership.