Frequently asked questions Vinasses

Substance identity

1. My company is interested in registering a substance that does not fit the profile of the substances registered by the Association. How should I proceed?

The consortium registered 5 Vinasses substances, as decribed in the Substance Sameness document. If the substance intended to be registered does not fit within these ones, please get in touch with the secretariat of the Association. Please make sure to mention a description of the source and process, minimally:

  • Microorganism used for fermentation
  • Whether biomass is present in the final product or not
  • Whether it is salt-enriched or not

Additionally, having analytical information of the constituents identified in the other Vinasses substances (as in the Substance Samess document) will be necessary. A document describing the analytical methodology is available from the secretariat upon request.


1. What type of information does the Association provide to co-registrants of Vinasses to facilitate their submission?

The Association provides co-registrants with IUCLID6 templates (including a pre-populated Guidance on Safe Use), as well as Word versions of a CSR template that co-registrants can customize.


1. Is registration under UK-REACH being covered?

The Association intends to prepare and submit a dossier for (some) of the Vinasses under UK-REACH under the same circumstances as the REACH registration in the EU. In the meantime, we recommend that you sign up to the UK-REACH mailing list to stay informed.

2. What is the timeline for submission of the Lead Registrant dossier under UK-REACH?

The UK DEFRA ran a public consultation on the UK-REACH deadlines and implementation, resulting on the postponement of the original UK-REACH deadlines by 3 years, to 27 October 2026, 27 October 2028 and 27 October 2030 depending on tonnage band and hazard profile. 

The legislation necessary to give effect to these changes entered the UK Parliament on 20 April 2023 and is expected to come into force in the summer of 2023.

Awaiting these developments, the Association suspended the work on the preparation of the Vinasses UK-REACH Lead Registrant dossier(s) until there is clarity on the timelines and data requirements. More information will follow in due course.

3. Where can I find more information on UK-REACH?

Please refer to the HSE REACH page.


Registration of Vinasses under the Türkiye REACH Legislation (KKDIK) will not be prepared by the Association, but the consortium is willling to share the data for the preparation of individual dossiers. The Association is currently looking into how to facilitate this for the registration deadlines that will postponed to 31/12/2026.

Companies interested in registering vinasses under KKDIK are recommended to sign up for a dedicated KKDIK mailing list to stay informed when more information is available.