EtOH-REACH is governed by the Executive Committee. It has general supervision, control and direction of the affairs of the Association and will adopt any appropriate rules and regulations for the conduct of the Association, and have the authority to do everything necessary and desirable for the conduct of the business of the Association in accordance with the bylaws. The Executive Committee is responsible for determining new strategies, policies, positions, actions and representations of the Association.

The Technical Consultants, under guidance of the Executive Committee, undertake the preparation of the Technical Dossier and Chemical Safety Report for ethanol, as well as providing technical support to the Secretariat and advice to the Executive Committee.

The Secretariat is tasked with the daily management of the Association, organization of events, financial administration of the Association, as well as first-line communication with members and external parties. In addition, the Secretariat handles communication on behalf of the SIEF Formation Facilitator and the Lead Registrant for Ethanol.

The figure below gives an overview of the structure of the Association: