26 July 2022

Update of REACH registration dossier ethanol

On 29 June, ECHA accepted the update of REACH registration dossier for the substance Ethanol (EC 200-578-6, CAS 64-17-5) that was submitted by the Lead Registrant.

This update contains an updated harmonized CSR that is now indicated as submitted by the LR on behalf of all registrants, as well as new studies from literature and a test proposal for a daphnia chronic test.

Given the updated CSR, you will need to submit your own updated company dossier within 12 months to indicate that you now rely on the joint CSR. Therefore, the deadline for submission of own dossiers is 29 June 2023.

A IUCLID template and instruction guidance to perform the update was prepared and is being validated, but this will not be ready before the summer holidays. We aim to make this documentation available in the first half of September and will communicate this by a follow-up message.

In case you have any questions regarding this update, please check out our FAQ page.