3 February 2023

Response to ECHA draft decision

EtOH-REACH responded on 29 January 2023 to ECHA on its draft decision from December 2022.

As we communicated before, ECHA notified on 7 December 2022 the registrants of ethanol at tonnages > 100 t/y of a draft decision on a test proposal included in the update of the jointly submitted dossier.

The Ethanol REACH Association with its technical advisors and contributions from members (thanks!) prepared feedback on the test proposal and submitted it to ECHA on 29 January 2023. The feedback addressed only the request from ECHA to perform a fish long-term toxicity test.

The response submitted by the Association to ECHA (Response to ECHA draft decision) is available to registered users upon logging in. Please keep the document confidential and for your internal use only.

There is no further action required from registrants at this point. We will keep you posted on feedback received from ECHA (which ECHA will likely also share directly via REACH-IT).

Should you have issues accessing the documents or need login credentials, please get in touch with the secretariat of the association.