Fusel Oil

There are two ways of obtaining the information necessary for the registration of Fusel Oil under REACH: (1) membership of the Fusel Oil Consortium under EtOH-REACH and (2) the Letter of Access option.

Membership of the Fusel Oil consortium is open to all members of EtOH-REACH. Non-members need to apply for (associate) membership of EtOH-REACH when applying for membership of the Fusel Oil Consortium. Any company can apply for a Letter of Access for the Fusel Oil joint registration.

The price for membership or purchasing a Letter of Access is:

  • 36000 euro for companies producing or importing more than 1000 tonnes/year;
  • 29900 euro for companies producing or importing between 100-1000 tonnes/year;
  • 11850 euro for companies¬†producing or importing less than 100 tonnes/year.

These fees are valid until 31 December 2022. Please note that for LoA applicants which are not member of the Ethanol REACH Association there is a surcharge of 750 euro, idental to the requirement of membership of the Association for companies applying for Fusel Oil Consortium membership.

Should you be interested in joining the Fusel Oil Consortium, or have any questions concerning the registration of Fusel Oil, please do not hesitate to contact us.